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Don't quit that programming career yet because of AI

A recent Wired article breathlessly predicted the end of code:
Soon We Won’t Program Computers. We’ll Train Them Like Dogs Of course, this is the same magazine that declared in 2010 that The Web is Dead.  So perhaps we should step back and think before throwing in the towel.  Have you looked at a self-driving car recently?

In this simplified diagram blatantly stolen from Google, there's a laser scanner, a radar, a compass, speed sensors - missing are the cameras, the engine computer, the onboard computers, the cellular uplinks, the data recorders, the
onboard entertainment system (which will hopefully get even more use when the driver gets to play also).  And the backup systems, which are often redundantly engineered and even separately programmed to avoid coordinated failure.  Each of these devices has substantial embedded firmware controlling them, and per-device processing in order to control them and make sense of the data they generate.

Oh, and that car depends on Google'…