Best espresso in Pittsburgh: 21st st coffee

A while ago, I blogged about my Seattle espresso exploration, and lamented that I couldn't find such beasties in Pittsburgh. Charlie mentioned 21st Street Coffee and Tea.


They've got the best espresso I've had in Pittsburgh, and it was the equal of the best espressos I had in Seattle. Rich and creamy, with a thick crema and a tingly acidity, and not a hint of bitterness. They use intelligentsia's Black Cat espresso blend, and it comes out very tasty. For the brewed coffee fanatics out there, they've also got a Clover machine. I highly recommend this place. Now we just need to convince them to open a copy of themselves near or at Carnegie Mellon.

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  • atult: Sounds good...
    I am not a coffee fanatic, but your description sure sounds tantalizing! But I bet some of my coffee-addict friends would love this. Thanks for sharing this.


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