Newest FAWN Cluster Photos

Our newest cluster is up to about 20 nodes, all with the new pineview Atom chips and fast SSDs. Much fun! I particularly like the use of big elastic bands to hold the SSDs to the motherboards. :)
From CMU
From CMU
From CMU

Comments from old blog

Sharkirov asked: what motherboard are used here?
I answered: The ones in the rack are Advantech AIMB-212 series motherboards. I believe that all of them are single core.

My personal favorite in this space right now is the Supermicro X7SPA series - it's more targeted at the server space, with more SATA ports, etc. It's what I used to build my replacement web server.

Our next version of the cluster will be built with the new computer-on-module format Atom development board that Intel just announced, but we have to figure out how to appropriately break all of the signals out from it, power it, etc.
shakirov replied: Advantech AIMB-212 looks like a perfect platform for my home server. thank you!


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