Scrypt mining changes incorporated into CudaMiner

Just a quick followup to the previous two posts about scrypt-based mining on Nvidia GPUs:  The improvements I made have been incorporated (extremely rapidly!) into the existing full-featured mining client CudaMiner.

I'm leaving my keplerminer code up on Github, because it serves my pedagogical purpose of helping to explain the parallelization of scrypt more simply than having to understand a more complex miner codebase, but for most people who just want code that runs fast now, go grab CudaMiner and enjoy.  Kudos to +Christian Buchner for getting it all incorporated so quickly, which required updating the rest of the CudaMiner codebase to CUDA 5.5.

Some quotes from folks on the message board:

"With a 670 GTX and the same settings as before, I bumped from 160ish khash to 190 khash"

"Went from 152 per card to 212!!! Actually uses the max power limit now" (GTX 660)

"Looks like my GTX580 doesn't like the latest build"

"massive jump on gtx 760 from 152 kh/s to 250 kh/s."

And perhaps the best quote, from Christian:

"Fermi has been loved enough"


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